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Hi, I'm Letisha

Welcome to my little corner of the internet.

Follow along the journey through being an entrepreneur blazing her own trail all the way to her dream life one day at a time.


I quit my full time job, created an LLC to start making money on my own terms and sold my first home to move from one end of the East Coast to the other and back again with my fur baby.

I am passionate about empowering women to follow their dreams because too many people try to hold us back and I know I won't stop until I make it and want to encourage other women who need it too. Call me your hype woman and self love queen 'cuz I will always tell you to put yourself first <3

To see my life of a work from home bookkeeper breaking into the content creator space, follow me on Instagram where I share the behind the scenes, food, travel, self care, and shopping hauls.  

For my gals who need some positivity and ideas on how to increase their self confidence follow my blog by clicking in the menu above.

To stay focused, become accountable and excited about your days, visit my shop which can also be found in the menu above.

Find your way around or reach out. Either way, enjoy your time in my world. Cheers! *raises wine glass*

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