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Elevate Your Mind, Expand Your Thinking; My List Of Books To Read

Something I wish I was better at: making time for my books.

If you know me or follow me on IG, you know I love a trip to a bookstore.

I love to get lost in a book but I fail to give myself the time to lose myself.

Does that make sense?

I am someone who struggles with mild anxiety. When I sit down to read, I contemplate what else I SHOULD be doing with my time, I am always stressed about time.

Anyone else have a hundred todo lists?

I go in and out of phases of reading. I will go a few days, even a few weeks reading and getting lost in the world inside my book, but then I'll go weeks and even months without picking it up again.

This is a practice I've been trying to get better at over the years.

My favorite books to physically read, are personal development books. This can be anything from financial advice, to self care practices, Ayurveda practices and more.

When I am recommended self care and personal development books or find some that I feel like I'd enjoy, I add them to a list. But I've realized that I created more than one list.

So here's a combination of all the books that I want to read, & I'm sharing incase you see something you'd like.

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