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Welcome to My Space.

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

(cue falling glittery pink hearts and Glamorous by Fergie)

Hiiii! & welcome to my little corner of the internet where I talk about things I've been through, things I learn and probably things I want to do. It's gona be a lot of everything around here.

I love everything self love related. I believe strongly in morning rituals, skin routines, and living an intentional life. To me, that's being true to yourself and your beliefs, and forever evolving in your life. If you've read The Miracle Morning then you'll know PIES: physical, intellectual, emotional, & spiritual; which are the areas of your life you should always be improving in whatever ways make sense for YOU.

So, I should probably start by telling you a little bit about who I am and why I'm here. If you came from my home page then you know I am a full time 1st year entrepreneur who realized how unhappy I was with my past lifestyle... I knew there had to be more to life, so anyways I left my full time "perfect" job, sold my condo, started a business and moved from CT to FL.

I always knew working for other people was not my thing, I knew that at my first job. And I knew that I needed to prioritize my well being. So doing those things let me have that.

I now work every day on building myself and my business and I couldn't be happier. It's been a journey to say the least but just another chapter in my book of life.

If you come from my home page you will also know that this is not my actual first post. I started this blog yearssss ago when I was a massage therapist. I always wanted to blog but being a massage therapist gave me the push I needed because all I wanted to do was talk about self care because that's what I was learning at the time. But more than just self care, self love was something I started drowning myself in, I was reading blogs, books, finding new ways to feel good and that included learning how I wanted to treat myself, learning how the relationships in my lives affected me and more. Massage therapy didn't last long for me, I practiced at a spa for less than a year after I got my license and then stopped. That was also when I didn't realize how much work building a business from scratch while learning a new craft was. Although massage therapy is not my life's work, it taught me many things, story for another day, but it also caused me to start Self Love Therapy which is where we are right now and for that alone, I am grateful.

So here are 5 things about me from this post:

- I was clearly a myspace baby (early 90's baby and proud)

- I'm a self love junkie

- I moved down the east coast to build the life of my dreams

- My first career choice was massage therapy (let me know if you want to hear my experience with this)

- I took my life into my own hands and am loving the process.

I hope you find something you enjoy around here. Comment below your favorite book, your business website, or tell me one thing you did for yourself that made you proud.



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