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Vision Boarding; Is it worth it?

I have been wanting to create a vision board for years. I have slowly created "draft" versions, but they never stuck and I never looked at them enough.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I love everything about having a morning/daily wellness routine. I share pieces of my routines very often.

There are some personal things that I've never shared before, like my affirmations and visualization (two wellness rituals I practice daily) and I wont be sharing much detail but I will share my process and how I've changed it when I implemented my vision board. At first I had my affirmations written on a piece of paper and whenever it was time to practice my affirmations, I would grab that paper, take a seat wherever felt best that day and repeated them all out loud. I wanted to stay away from having them on my phone as that is a whole other practice in itself. But then I went on vacation for a month for the holidays and put them on my phone so that I could still access them but for some reason they just never felt as intentional as having them on paper, it just felt like another task.

For my visualization practice, I would go to my Pinterest vision board because it was so easy to create and review everyday, it felt like the best option but then I would just scroll through super fast, again, not feeling intentional.

So when I decided to create my vision board for 2022, I told myself I needed to include the following things:

  1. My affirmations. I have a label maker and so I wrote each affirmation separately on a "label" and stuck it to my vision board.

  2. Visual goals. I bought the Canon Ivy printer (after much research and comparison) and

printed pictures of those visual goals: my future car, body goals, the street I want to live on and many other types of photos that represented what I want in my future to go with my affirmations. Example: Affirmation "I am committed to working out 5 times a week to live a long healthy life and feel confident in my body" the photos surrounding that affirmation include a woman riding a bike on my favorite trail, a picture of a woman in workout clothes, a woman whose body I see as "goals" and a photo of a woman at my favorite cycling spot. My affirmation is specific and the photos represent different ways that I personally enjoy that help me achieve that goal.

3. Real photos. I wanted this vision board to be super specific, relatable and personal, it is my vision board after all so I printed pictures of my family and friends and surrounded them with affirmations like "I am blessed with a circle of support" "love is patient, love is kind" and "I am understanding of my loved ones" to name a few examples.

Bonus: I also added some index cards with goals I want to list throughout the year like books

I've read and skill I've acquired.

This is my first vision board that I've completed, displayed in my room and visited daily. I honestly love it and am always thinking of ways to improve how it makes me feel.

Also putting stickers from my favorite people helps like Cara Alwill's "Like you own the place" sticker sits at the top of my vision board. Then I added a sticker that reads BITCH for some dramatic effect. So when I start my affirmations and visualization for the day, I read it like "Like she owns the place, bitch!" and I continue through the rest with a little more power behind the words. It just works, okay?

Sidenote: The printer cost less than $100 and the pictures print out as stickers (about $10 for 20 at Walmart.) It also comes with an app where you can do more with your photos like edit pictures. I just found it was an easy way to print pictures "on demand" and get them on my vision board asap. Sidenote about my sidenote: the stickers from the printer are good quality but because I used them on a sort of corkboard, you can see in my pics above how they start to curl off the board and so I use push pins and thumb tacks to hold them down.

So, to answer my original question, are vision boards worth it? Yes, it was so easy to do once I put some music on, grabbed my supplies (printer, phone, board, label maker and stickers) and poured some wine. I didn't need much supplies or time and it's easy to change if I want to update at any point.

Comment below if you vision board, what kind of supplies do you use, how often do you create one, what are some things on your vision board? Tell me all the things!


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