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The secret tool to holding yourself accountable.

Let's face it, it's hard to keep yourself accountable. I know because I've been there, too many times. But this time, I have a strategy, I'm challenging myself and am going to track my progress to make sure I reach my goals.

Fresh starts are one of my favorite things. New year, birthdays, the moon cycle, and Mondays are all examples of the kind of fresh starts I love. Having an excuse to get my ish together is MY VIBE.

I also love planning and setting new goals, like I said, I love a fresh start but I asked myself what's gona be different this year. How am I going to make sure I reach my goals? 

Last year a friend of mine posted something about operating at 80% and then I saw another post about how if you do something for 5 days a week, that's 260 days in a year, that's 70% of the year. So, I'm challenging myself for a whole year! I usually set a word of the year and at this point I don't have one, what I have is a CHALLENGE. I'm challenging myself to focus 70% of my year on 3 GOALS. One for my mind, one for my body and one for my soul, that's 260 days.

I want my goals to be very clear for this challenge, not just do "more" of something.

I am committing 70% of 2023 to:

- read 10 pages.

- strength train for 30 minutes.

- and meditate for 20 minutes.

So as I'm working on finishing up the plan of how I will track my progress, but I invite you to ask yourself, "What does 70% look like for me?" "Can I commit to my goals for 70% of my days?" and GET INTENTIONAL because the secret is, it's you vs you.


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