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How I went from unmotivated to happy in 30 minutes.

Thirty minutes is all it took. It's been an off week. I've been going to sleep early, not eating how I should be and not putting time into my self care.

My self care rituals are what get me through my days so when I slack for more than a few days, I start to feel it.

It's Saturday, one of my favorite days of the week because it feels like I can start fresh.

I knew I wanted to turn my mood around so this is what the first 30 minutes of my day looked like to do so:

  1. I went for a walk.

  2. I listened to a motivational video on Youtube.

  3. I picked up my room.

  4. I made breakfast.

  5. I completed a task that I started last weekend.

  6. I made a plan for the day (record my podcast intro, do a test run & dive into self care.)

  7. I sent a love letter to the Self Love Club, my VIP list that gets the tea on all of my self love tips, and the first to know about new offers and ideas.

This all may seem simple but they are things that I strayed away from while being all up in my feels. Sometimes you just need to get back to the basics and that's exactly what I needed.

I share my stories to show you that life is not a highlight reel. This stuff is hard to talk about, because who wants the world knowing they are in a fxcked up place? But I vowed to myself to never hide who I truly am because even when things are not going great, they are playing a part in my story for the better.

Everything happens for a reason.

Do you have a ritual for when you're feeling down? If not, maybe you should think about what one thing always gets you in a better mood? For me, putting on one of my favorite motivational Youtube videos always shifts my mood.

Sending you love, until next time.

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