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Ask yourself: What problem that I am facing today is out of my control?

Let's face it, we want to control everything. Trust me, I get it. But not everything is controllable. Sometimes you have to audit your life and let go of the things that are weighing you down so you can make room for more positivity. They can be big things, or small. But if it's negative, it's gotta go.

Start by taking note of the things you can't control like, the way someone felt about how you did something or you ruined one of your favorite blouses or your boss didn't show appreciation for something you knocked out of the park and you thought you deserved at least a thank you... girl, let it go. If you can no longer do anything about it, if you can not change what happened, let it go. Take the lesson though, never leave that behind. What did that teach you? How can you grow? How would you act if this happened again?

If it helps, light a candle, write it down on a sticky note (because I know you got a hundred of them laying around,) and burn it, let it sink in and watch it as the negative energy burns away.


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